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Here, I'll introduce the photos on this page. The page includes four photos right now, but I can add more if I like.

Betsy and Bear, the bonded pair
We were adopted July, 2003 & are very happy!!

Betsy & Bear, the bonded pair, were in and out of rescue foster care in about two weeks!!  A record for this foster mom!  What a whirlwind those weeks were...    Now they are extremely happy with their new family in Florida- yee haw!!

My name was Bidle, now is Charley
I am very happy near the Kennedy Space Center

My name was Bidle (like bichon frise/poodle- bee-dole) but now it is Charley.  My new parents love me so much and will always want to be with me- they told me so...
Small Paws Rescue, Inc. rescues 1000's of bichon frise's every year!

Like most Americans, we support the people in the war on terrorism.  Personally, I don't believe in war but the people involved need to know that they are thought of and not forgotten.

I'm such a sweetie & am beat heartworm!

Rascal has been adopted.  We took care of her for three years until she was adopted.
She is a sweet, heartworm-free, adorable older dog.