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Two female black and very, very dark gray striped (look black all over) with one white spot each (that's all the light color for them) kittens available for adoption immediately. Very sweet and loving.
Litter trained- very good at using the litter box. Flea free.
Need shots and to be fixed when the time comes. Born March 14th of this year.
Need home soon, or please help with their care, shots, or fixing by contacting us, Power House Rescue at powerhouserescue @cheerful.com (no spaces).
Please, help if you can. I provide receipts upon request.

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Rascal in August 2003
My fur and skin are getting better

Rascal, the unsponsored rescue dog, has beaten heartworm! She is totally cured.  Rascal is 60% beagle/terrier/?- a true mut.  She is loving, playful, and likes other animals.  Approx. nine years old.
Rascal has been adopted!! She has passed now but I will forever remember what she taught me- love and kindness!

Rascal has found a home :o)
Please email us to find other adoptable pets

Rascal's picture one day after being taken from back yard and bathed.
Rascal has been adopted!! Rascal has passed now but will always be remembered. I loved her dearly- she was a soulmate of mine.

Charley (aka Bidle) at shelter
At shelter, when being rescued.
Power House Services
Charley up a tree- what a card......powerbirds@cheerful.com

Bidle, who is now Charley, was adopted by a couple who are deeply in love with him.  He is a spunky little guy who loves to climb- even trees, as you can see above.  He lives by the Atlantic Ocean.
Small Paws (R) Rescue and their Florida team leader and I all worked together to find a healthy, neutered dog a forever home- now  enriching the lives of him mom and dad.  If you want to contact Small Paws (R) Rescue, click here for the website.

Foy and Casey love their tent
Foy is Love and Lee's baby, Casey is from another loving home

My love of animals extends to breeding a few peachfaced blue factor lovebirds.  Pictures to come.
Click here to learn about lovebirds.

Bear & Betsy
Now happy in a forever home
Blanca, my first Small Paws Rescue foster dog
Blanca is very happy with two loving people; Blanca has passed nows she will always be remembered

Power House Services
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