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McEnroe has found a forever home!!

McEnroe Small Paws(R)
I have a home. Thank you to my new parents!
McEnroe had come a long way. He was abused and came to Small Paws(R) Rescue with an attitude. He is becoming a lovable sweetheart, who is loyal and true. McEnroroe needs a forever home where his people know how to take care of a dog  who needs his space sometimes but mostly wants to be near you. He can live with older kids but small ones may upset him. McEnroe was named because he likes to play with tennis balls but also has a fondness for squeaky and stuffed toys. Good thing about his squeaky obsession, he only squeaks occasionally. Such a good doggie.
 email if you'd like to help save animals!!

Small Paws(R) Rescue dog pic: v and her bichons
"..taking Lexi and Bella for a ride to work off our Turkey dinner...okay,okay...to work off dessert"

A profile of a dog being helped by Power House Services will be featured on this page.  Rascal, the rescued dog was our only rescued dog. Her bump deen removed and her teeth finally cleaned  thanks to a several generous donors and a great vet in Lake Wales, Florida, who contributed more than half of the final bill.  We have loftwy goals and Rascal was such a trusting, loving dog and deserved the treatment.  Please give if you can.  She is still up for adoption. 
     With more donations, we can help other homeless and unwanted pets. Please give if you can.
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One female black and very, very dark gray striped (look black all over) with one white spot (that's all the light color for them) one year old  available for adoption immediately. Very sweet and loving.
Litter trained- very good at using the litter box.
Flea free.
Need shots and to be fixed when the time comes. Born March 14th of 2008.
Need home soon, or please help with their care, shots, or fixing by contacting us or PayPal to Power House Rescue at powerhouserescue @cheerful.com, no spaces.
Please, help if you can. I provide receipts upon request.

I will always love you my sweet Rascal Power House
Rascal has found a forever home!!

Rascal found a forever home and has since passed. She was extremely happy and her person is sorry to have lost her soulmate dog!! I miss her, too, and am glad she graced my life for three years.

Rascal has affection for everyone. About ten years old. Plays with toys & dogs & people. Likes to sit next to you, nap with you (she will stay on the bed or on the floor beside the bed)- she must have these. Doesn't jump on people. Well potty-trained. Likes to visit neighbors, play in the yard but due to being left in a back yard almost all the time by herself for five years, sometimes having cover, sometimes not, & possible on the streets for over three years before that- well, she is afraid of storms but she is getting very good at being brave. She weathered Hurricanes Charley, Frances, and Jeanne well. Does not like to be left alone but is a great dog if left alone in the house.  Bullied by a dalmation often for a year but still likes all other dogs and even will live with cats.
Rascal's beautiful face
What ya doin' foster mama? Where's your face?

A profile of a dog that needs to be adopted is featured.  Fostering and volunteering for Small Paws® Rescue, the largest bichon frise rescue in the USA, we know many bichons which need rescuing from commercial puppy mills.  Check http://smallpawsrescue.org, then click on "dogs for adoption" to seerescued animals waiting to be adopted.


Also, consider adopting an older dog if the younger ones are too active for you.  Older dogs make wonderful companions and have so much love to give.


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