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2001 Small Paws® Rescue
before adoption
2004 before adoption at foster home
Mechanic McEnroe
Bidle is now Charley and very happy living near the Kennedy Space Center.

Blanca became Fang and was loved until she passed peacefully. She never recovered from her trauma but did give more than she ever took. I will always remember her sweet face.

Roscoe is now Kodi and very happily living with his soulmate humom and one sibling doggie, Kia. He is the king of their castle. Kodi loves and is loved immensely. He will always have a special place in my heart. I love him dearly.

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Dillon "Swilly" Pigtail
2004 Small Paws(R) Rescue
Dillon, the sweet & silly dog- Swilly
We lost Dillon while he was on his journey to his forever home. He died of kidney failure. Dillon enriched our lives and will always be remembered.
Betsy and Bear are truly a bonded pair. They brought love and joy to my house. They are happily adopted, for a second time. Quite the lovable pair, those two. I will always remember the little dynamo and the big bear.
Fifi le Fluff is a dog I really wanted to keep, but knew she'd have a better life with another. She was adopted by a couple who have pampered her wonderfully. She has a buddy, King Beau, who brought her into his kingdom without any fuss. I will always remember Fifi le Fluff and her spunky attitude and how she would smile at me. What a cutie.